Winter Tyres

Incidentally, North East Tyre Services has one of the most exhaustive collections of winter tyres in Durham. But before we get into that, let’s understand what makes winter tyres an absolute necessity when the mercury takes a nosedive.

Features of winter tyres

If you set a winter and summer tyre beside each other, you’ll immediately notice that they are vastly different in construction, materials and design. Winter tyres are optimised to provide stability and traction on snow covered roads. These tyres have some unique features which allow them to do so.

  1. Winter tyres are made from a softer compound of rubber. The softer rubber compound doesn’t let the tyres become stiff even in the harshest temperatures.
  2. The grooves are generally broader and deeper. It allows greater hydroplaning resistance necessary for icy roads.
  3. These tyres have countless sipes spread across the tyre body. Sipes help in biting the snow harder, allowing the tyres to generate greater traction.
  4. The contact patch of winter tyres is broader. It makes for better handling and cornering abilities.

All these features make snow car tyres in Spennymoor and County Durham an absolute necessity during the winter months.

At this point, it will be prudent to look at some of the best winter tyres that you can buy this season for the supreme performance of your car during the chilliest months of the year.

Best winter tyres in Spennymoor and County Durham

Every tyre manufacturer in the industry knows the importance of winter car tyres and thus, have a wide collection of such tyres in their products list. At North East Tyre Services in Spennymoor and Durham, we stock only the best winter tyres according to automobile experts.

  1. Dunlop Winter Maxx WM01
  2. Continental WinterContact SI
  3. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80
  4. Firestone Winterforce 2
  5. Continental ContiWinterContact TS800

These are only a few of the numerous winter tyres models that we store at our facility. You may visit us on any working day for a guided tour of our entire winter collection.

Every tyre in our collection has the proper EU labels. We try to stock products that have an above-average EU tyre rating to ensure your comfort and road safety.

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Do not compromise on your road safety with summer tyres during winter months. Buy yourself a set of winter tyres online today. Call us for further information and booking your appointment.