Mobile Wheel Balancing

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Our facility, North East Tyre Services in Spennymoor, Durham is one of the most well-known mobile tyre fitment services in County Durham. Whenever you get your tyres fitted, you also need an accompanying wheel balancing session too. We also provide mobile wheel balancing in Durham and Durham. Our experts use the latest techniques to provide a reliable and timely wheel balancing session.

Frequent trips on city roads and highways damage the wheel and tyre assembly of all cars. The worse the roads are, the more the damages caused. At times, even new wheels are not balanced properly. You need to balance wheels before you start driving.

Wheel balancing at a facility vis-à-vis mobile

Wheel balancing involves adding small counterweights to a wheel assembly to rectify any misbalances. These weights can either be adhesive or bang-on.

When you go for wheel assembly at a facility, they use service bays where they have balancing machines installed. Mobile balancing is slightly more complicated.

We use computerised and portable balancing machines which are smaller and weigh considerably less. Our teams carry a variety of counterweights because we cannot be sure which ones will be needed for our clients.

Once you ask us for mobile wheel balancing in Durham, we will quote a price up-front. We provide transparent services, and there are no hidden charges whatsoever.

Signs you need wheel balancing

Balancing is essential for safe driving. There are plenty of symptoms which indicate when you need a balancing done. Here are the most common ones:

  1. Uneven tyre wear: When wheels are misbalanced, they tend to wear out unevenly. At times, you will notice that the outside tread has worn out, but the central 3/4th section remains untouched. It highlights how your car’s tyres are not touching the surface properly. Driving under such circumstances can be hazardous.
  2. Bumpy rides: Misbalanced wheels will make car rides a nightmare as the suspension cannot handle the jerks and vibrations that are part and parcel of driving. If you are unsure why your car has been vibrating strangely, contact us for professional mobile wheel balancing Durham.
  3. A sharp dip in mileage delivery: Another casualty of misbalanced wheels is a car’s mileage output. You will witness a drastic and dramatic reduction in mileage. You will have to spend more on fuel with each passing day. While mileage output can suffer due to a variety of reasons, including engine malfunctions, get your car’s wheel balance checked by us as a pre-emptive measure.

How can we help you?

When you contact our facility, North East Tyre Services, we will immediately let you know a time-frame of service delivery. Our team will carry out wheel balancing at either your home or office within a short period. We are the best mobile balancing mobile garage in Spennymoor and Durham.