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Michelin, one of the world’s most iconic corporations cutting across vast swathes of the industry, has become a legend across the world for two basic reasons:

  • Countless accolades in their 129 years of existence as a world-leading tyre manufacturer.
  • Their marketing blitzkrieg campaigns, which have made Bibendum, or The Michelin Man, one of the most recognisable branded characters.

So far as tyre manufacturing is concerned, Michelin car tyres Durham and other areas of County Durham have reached new levels of popularity ever since this French giant revamped its tyre range across the board. You will get their latest models from us, North East Tyre Services. We are located right at the heart of Spennymoor, and we provide tyre fitting services to our clients.

Why is Michelin so special?

Michelin has always had a technological edge over its competitors as a cursory look at its long history will reveal. It invented globally used products like radial and run-flat tyres. Radial wheels are used in an overwhelming majority of vehicles around the world.

Here’s what makes Michelin so famous.

  • Innovative designs: In the UK, most people who buy Michelin tyres online do so because their models have become synonymous to quality. Innovation is one of Michelin’s key business strategies. It was the first manufacturer to incorporate technology from the racing tracks and use the products for the mass market.
  • Excellent track record: Most car manufacturers around the world use Michelin’s tyres as Original Equipment or OE. From German majors like Mercedes and Audi to Japanese icons like Honda, Michelin is the preferred partner of global automobile giants.
  • Commendable market share worldwide: Most people who buy Michelin car tyres in Durham do so because of Michelin’s massive share of the UK’s tyre market, other than their guarantee of quality with every product.
  • Patented safety protocols: Michelin has always focused on safety as a key feature of their products. It has an impressive roster to its name: BAZ Technology and EverGrip are two recent developments. Of these, BAZ involves a new technology of spiral-wrapped strips of nylon in tyre construction to aid in high-speed braking.

Buy Michelin tyres from North East Tyre Services

If you desire, you can purchase Michelin tyres online from our facility as well. At North East Tyre Services in Spennymoor, you will also get excellent discounts and offers.

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