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Tyre Manufacturers - Maxxis Tyres

Only a few tyre manufacturers have successfully been able to make a recognisable position for themselves in the industry. We, at North East Tyre Services, proudly announce our association with one such brand, MAXXIS TYRES.

Being one of the most promising international brands, Maxxis is committed to serving its customers with high-performance tyres. The quality of the products from the brand is at par with the industry best brands. Learning and adopting new technologies, and using it to invent and manufacture new products for the ease and benefit of the customers has been the virtue of the company for over forty-five years now.

We completely verify the functioning of our products at our centres as well as the leading tyre test centre of the world. We test our tyres against all leading brands and products in the world. We make use of the most advanced technologies and equipment in our arena. Any product is further sent for manufacturing after a thorough professional examination.

Listed below are some of the prominent models from the brand.


• A premium touring summer tyre

• Best suited for modern cars and SUV

• Offers high-speed stability and enhanced weather traction that comes from continuous centred ribs with slanted sipes

• Produces white noise for a quieter ride

• Wide grooves allow most of the water to get channelled away and hence, it offers better hydroplaning resistance


• All season winter tyre having the most advanced snow compound

• Enhanced traction on the wet roads and better rolling resistance

• Extra traction on wet and snowy roads due to V-shaped grooves

• Stronger double-layer steel belts that provide impact resistance


• Falls under the category of run-flat tyres

• Made of advanced rich silica compound

• Asymmetrical tread design

• Enhanced wet and dry grip>

• Superior straight-line grip and handling due to outer shoulder block

• Safe, quiet, and comfortable ride


• Ultra-high performance summer tyre

• Better strength and better handling performance due to the usage of advanced materials

• Reduced tyre weight due to Nylon ply layer

• Optimised sidewall construction delivering extra strength

• No compromise with the comfort of the ride

• Improved fuel performance


Maxxis tyres have been the tyre providers for cars, light trucks, bicycles, ATVs, karts, trailers, motorcycles, etc. for years now. Being the tyre retailer for over 180 countries, the brand operates in Asia, Europe, North America, etc., and has over 30,000 employees. At North East Tyre Services, we offer you an exclusive collection of tyres from Maxxis tyres at the best quotations you will ever receive. For any type of queries, feel free to reach out to us by any method of your choice.