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Tyre Manufacturers - Kumho Tyres

Kumho is a South Korean industrial behemoth known for its tyres. In the UK, Kumho entered the market at a very late stage compared to other leading tyre manufacturers. That said, they have managed to successfully grab a share of the premium tyres segment in this country. Kumho car tyres are well-known around the world for their fantastic longevity, relatively low prices and innovative technology.

At our facility, North East Tyre Services in Spennymoor, you can buy Kumho tyres either online or offline. We store a wide range of Kumho models for our customers.

Kumho car tyres in Durham, in general, have witnessed a sharp spike in sales figures. The only thing lacking was variety, which is where we come in.

Reasons behind Kumho’s growth story

There are several reasons why people buy Kumho tyres online or via more traditional avenues. Kumho stays ahead of its competition by managing to offer affordably priced, high-quality tyres. This 1960-established organisation is now beating 100-year old companies with products which are:

  • Value-for-money

Kumho believes in adding value to already-existing technological advantages. It has managed to retain the quality of more premium models but is capable of delivering their products to customers at prices that are, at times, 30-40% lower than many similar models. Plus, Kumho does not cut corners. It has managed to combine quality and the pricing strategy correctly.

  • Durability

Kumho tyres last years if properly maintained. Their treadwear rate is minimal, and several independent automobile experts state that their tread levels are sufficient to last anywhere between 40,000 to 50,000 miles. Wear patterns have a lot of variables; if you are using Kumho car tyres Durham, expect them to last for years thanks to the ideal driving platform that they provide.

  • Built for the city and highway

When you come to North East Tyre Services, you can purchase tyres that will deliver competent performance on both urban roads and motorways. These wheels can provide quality performance across segments. For example, their Wintercraft range delivers excellent fuel efficiency even though winter models have a reputation of being gas guzzlers.

Which Kumho tyres are the best?

These are Kumho’s best performers across 3 varieties.

For summers: Kumho Ectsa is a superbly crafted summer tyre which provides ample handling and cornering ability. It retains a firm grip on the most challenging roads. These wheels also have efficient road noise controlling mechanisms.

For winters: Wintercraft and I’Zen. Of these, many people who buy Kumho tyres online choose their I’Zen range, as these are made for heavily snowed-out roads.

Buy Kumho tyres at Spennymoor

Visit our website for more details on buying tyres for us. Our team of experts at North East Tyre Services can also guide you and help you choose the best models.