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Tyre Manufacturers - Firestone Tyres

At North East Tyre Services, we recommend fitting Firestone car tyres Durham. With a legacy of more than a century, Firestone is one of the most recognised tyre brands in the world.

Founded by Henry Firestone in 1990, this company is credited with introducing non-skid tyres for the first time in the market. In 1925, Firestone made history when their balloon tyres enabled a vehicle to surpass 100 mph for the first time in the history of the automobile.

Why choose our expert service?!

In our professional car garage, we have only the best technicians who boast years of experience in automobile maintenance. Also, these professionals have honed their skills over years of practice. Additionally, they are skilled in using all advanced machinery and tools. So you have the assurance of the most precise services.

Few models of Firestone tyres!


Winter tyres are necessary to drive in temperatures below 7°C. Their soft tread compound comes with a higher percentage of natural rubber, making them ideal as Firestone car tyres in Spennymoor and Durham.

Top features!

  • Latest design that accommodates high-density sipes and three-dimensional tread patterns. Hence, it maintains optimal traction on icy roads.
  • Presence of directional tread patterns optimises handling in both wet and dry conditions.

Champion Fuel Fighter!

These are all-season tyres and are rated to provide more than sufficient performance across all weather conditions. These tyres have one of the highest aquaplaning resistance ratings too. For owners who drive in equable temperatures around the year, a set of all-seasons can be the ideal solution.

Top features!

  • Equipped with fuel fighter technology, these tyres come guaranteed with extended service life.
  • Low rolling resistance facilitates the fuel economy.
  • Deep tread offers dependable performance in dry, wet, snow and sleet.

Thus, at North East Tyre Services in Spennymoor, we recommend these tyres for their reliable performance all-season is what you expect.

Firehawk INDY 500!

Summer tyres are best for long drives in temperatures above 7C. Moreover, many summer tyres also combine the features of sports tyres. So with a high quality summer tyre, you can also enjoy the high-performance aspects of sports tyre.

Features of this tyre model –

  • Proprietary Pulse Groove technology in these tyres improves water drainage thereby providing optimal resistance against aquaplaning.
  • 20% shorter stopping distance than average tyres made possible by advanced wet rubber compound.
  • Presence of wide shoulder block delivers superior handling and cornering in dry conditions.

The above models are a few examples of Firestone’s wide range of tyres. In our garage, in Spennymoor, you can choose from many other varieties of Firestone car tyres in Durham.

Buy Firestone tyres from us!

At North East Tyre Services, we prioritise customer satisfaction above everything. We use all modern equipment to ensure precision tyre mounting.

Additionally, we sell Firestone tyres online as well. All you need to do is choose the tyre of your requirement and make the payment.