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Tyre Manufacturers - Continental Tyres

Germany has always been a manufacturing powerhouse. Their prowess is manifest in automobile technology as well. Continental is one of Germany’s most widely recognised corporations, with interests in every sphere of automotive manufacturing. They are also one of the largest tyre brands in the world.

You can now buy the best Continental car tyres Durham at our facility, North East Tyre Services. Our facility stocks some of its bestselling models.

Continental’s most popular products in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of Continental’s biggest markets. Continental manufactures summer, winter and all-season models for its global markets. Most car owners in these isles buy Continental tyres online.

Sales figures suggest that these models sell in high numbers every year.

  • ContiWeather Contact: Continental’s winter tyres are famously sturdy and provide better traction. These wheels have widely-spaced tread blocks and superior bead toe reinforcement which help generate enhanced braking prowess in slippery wintry road conditions.
  • ContiSport Contact: This racing model has an innovative technology used in their manufacture, called BlackChilli. It is a high-performance tyre usable on UK’s roads and is equally effective on dry and wet roads. These tyres are made for SUVs and heavier passenger cars.
  • ContiTrac: One of the most popular Continental car tyres in Durham is ContiTrac, which is one of the safest models currently available. The ContiTrac is ideal for long drives in unpredictable weather. You will find these and more models at our facility, North East Tyre Services in Spennymoor.

Why choose Continental?

Continental has been in existence for more than 100 years. It has witnessed automotive history being written and rewritten. It has managed to stay relevant popular due to its innovative nature and supply chain excellence. Here are some reasons why Continental is so immensely popular.

  • Wide range: Continental is a market leader among multiple segments including UHP and 4x4 tyres. It has a robust presence in nearly every country in the form of dealerships and retail outlets. People from smaller county towns like Spennymoor look for their summer and all-season models, which are available at our facility.
  • Proven racing pedigree: Continental has always been a dominant player on racing circuits globally. It has always managed to bring racing technologies to its passenger car models. Continental has won numerous trophies at the highest levels of racing including at Formula 1 and 24 Hours Le Mans.
  • Iconic as OE: Leading car manufacturers like Mercedes and Renault use Continental’s products as their OE (Original Equipment). It goes a long way in showcasing these wheels’ demonstrated quality.

Buy Continental tyres at Spennymoor

Contact us at North East Tyre Services if you plan to buy Continental’s products. We have a wide range you can choose from. You can also buy Continental tyres online from us.