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Starting in 1931 as a small company in Japan’s Kurume town, Bridgestone has come a long way to become the world’s largest tyre manufacturer. With Japanese technology at the core of its innovation, Bridgestone can deliver precision second to none. So, go for Bridgestone tyres for the highest performance level. Also, visit North East Tyre Services in Spennymoor to buy Bridgestone tyres of all kinds at a competitive price.

How can professional garages help?

Mounting tyres on a car isn’t as simple as buying a set and fitting them on the wheels. Many other operations requiring high precision are there in between choosing and fitting tyres. Only a professional garage like ours with expert technicians can carry out these operations successfully.

Tasks that our technicians perform before mounting tyres –

  • A thorough inspection of your car’s suspension. No matter how high quality tyres you fit on your car wheels, poorly functioning suspension parts will inevitably compromise their performance.
  • Readjustment of the wheels alignment angles. It’s common for the alignment to go out of order over time. Wheels misalignment causes uneven tyre tread wear leading to reduced fuel economy and low cornering stability.
  • An overall consideration of your car’s specifications. Choosing the right Bridgestone car tyres Durham is a matter of deliberation. It requires considering a multitude of factors.

In our garage, an expert makes the job easier for you by considering factors like –

  • Driving preferences.
  • Regular driving conditions.
  • Vehicle type.
  • Expected fuel economy.

So, visit our garage for expert assistance. At North East Tyre Services in Spennymoor, we strive to offer our customer’s the best possible services no questions asked. Hence, we stock all varieties of Bridgestone tyres.

Here are some examples by tyre category that can be found in our garage.

Few top performing Bridgestone tyres in the UK

Summer tyres


  • Proven across multiple tests to require 3m lesser stopping distance on average compared to its competitors.
  • Better lateral wet grip stability compared to its competitors. Follows a trajectory of the shorter radius when cornering in comparison to other brands.
  • Reinforced carcass with stiff polyester and unique steel fibres enables low rolling resistance.

All season tyres


  • Superior tread life ensures that these tyres last as long as premium summer tyres.
  • Features an ‘A’ EU rating for wet grip, indicating exceptionally low braking distance on wet conditions. These tyres are also optimised to resist aqua planning.
  • Certifies 3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake Marking indicates sufficient traction on roads covered with snow and sleet. Hence these are an ideal choice of all season Bridgestone car tyres in Durham.

Winter Tyres


  • The tyre tread on WS80 is made of a multi-cell rubber compound enabling superior drivability even in challenging terrain. Hence, it demonstrates outstanding performance on ice and snow.
  • Special micro-texture patterns on the tyre’s treads ensure a safe journey on risky wintry roads.
  • Presence of zig-zag patterned 3D sipes enables varied tread block stiffness to generate excellent lateral stability on snow and sleet.

The above tyres exemplify Bridgestone’s design excellence. We receive great reviews from our customers on who fit Bridgestone tyres in Spennymoor.

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