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For drivers clocking up hundreds of kilometres each week, it would not sound surprising to be tempted to invest in Blacklion tyres. Not only are these easy on your pocket being the budget tyres that they are, they also boast of an extended shelf life and offer excellent fuel economy. We, at North East Tyre Services take pride in our association with this renowned middle-eastern brand that is now set to win the UK as well. Manufacturing over 130000 tyres each day, the company is already capturing significant markets.

Excellent Specialised Testing Equipment

Blacklion Tyres are tested to meet international standards and the brand extends a 3-year warranty on all its tyre products. The testing process is as rigorous as it can get, from the raw material to the final product. The company’s test facility is equipped with 175 advanced, international testing machines where it tests it very own tyre material – rubber compounds. It relies on three testing equipment, powered by German technology and manufactured by TS GMBH to test tyre performance through different stages, over a period of time. The same equipment is trusted for testing purpose by several leading tyre brands.

International Testing Track

The company’s prowess and rigour in testing to assure uncompromised quality doesn’t just end with the machinery. Blacklion Tyres tests all its tyres to meet every international standard on the Saiya Tyre Testing Track that comprises 40 types of roads. TheNorth East Tyre Services tracks lets the brand evaluate every aspect of tyre performance from uphill and downhill performance to handling and stability, and high-speed rolling resistance and traction to braking under varied road conditions.

Awards & Accreditations

Furthermore, the brand has earned several country specific awards such as GSO – the only national tyre certification body in the UAE, ESMA – also in UAE, SASO in Saudi Arabia. It also incorporates the UTQG (Uniform Tyre Quality Grading) as a standard in manufacturing all tyres. These standards are where Blacklion Tyres begins its entire tyre production cycle unlike most manufacturers who aim at these standards to be met as an afterthought.

Top Features

  • Outstanding control and handling even at high-speed
  • Custom-designed exterior treads for wider contact area, and hence better grip and traction
  • Minimised heat and rolling resistance for high-performance
  • Simulated pattern pitch order and shoulder grooves minimise running noise for a quieter drive
  • International A grade accredited for safety and temperature rating, and thus fit for covering long distances
  • Range of tyres from all-season tyres to all-terrain tyres, and off-roading tyres to commercial tyres

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Explore some of the finest Blacklion products at North East Tyre Services that include Cilerro BH15, Champoint BU66, Voracio BC86, Voracio BA80, Voracio M871, BLH88, BL160, and more.

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