Summer Tyres

Summer tyres are specialised models that provide better performance and faster speeds when the roads are dry. Summer wheels are different from winter models in 3 fundamental aspects: structure, rubber compound and tread pattern. Our facility, North East Tyre Services, has a wide range of summer tyres from some of the most iconic brands like Michelin, Kumho and Continental.

We offer the most reasonable summer tyres price in Spennymoor and County Durham, across our extensive collection. Our mobile tyre-fitting service is immensely popular in these parts of County Durham. Whenever you need summer car tyres, you can contact us for maximum benefits and widest palette of products.

Are summer tyres different from winter models?

Summer wheels are markedly different from other models as they have some unique features.

  1. Different construction: Summer tyres have a harder rubber compound which allows them to accelerate faster than other tyre types. Hard rubber also ensures that taking sharp turns is easy.
  2. Most racing tyres share common traits with summer wheels. These models can be used in the UK with ease during the warmer months and in colder climes as long as the temperature is below 7°C.
  3. Responsive: These tyres are much more responsive than other models. That is why most of our clients who own high-performance cars use summer car tyres in Durham. Increased responsiveness also ensures that they can deliver better high-speed handling.
  4. Unique tread pattern: Summer tyre models have significantly different tread patterns to aid in enhanced acceleration. These patterns have numerous sipes other than broader tread blocks. All these features make them different.
  5. Long life: Summer tyres last for many years as long as you take care of them properly. If you are looking for a set of wheels that will give you a decent return of investment, you can always choose to buy such models at our facility, North East Tyre Services. You will have an opportunity to avail the best summer car tyres in Spennymoor and Durham.
  6. Fuel efficient: Summer wheels offer superb fuel efficiency because their very nature is indicative of faster drivability with low fuel consumption. These wheels are lighter when compared to winter models. Subsequently, they do not add any weight to a vehicle.

Buy summer tyres from us

Our facility stocks summer car tyres Durham at low prices. We provide mobile wheel alignment services too. Use our ‘Contact Us’ page and get in touch with us. Our tyre sales representatives can guide and advise you on how to choose the best tyres for your car. We are also registered retailers of many models of all-season tyres.

You can also buy tyres online from us.