Locking Wheel Nut Removal

North East Tyre Services provides mobile and appointment-based locking wheel nut removal in Spennymoor, Durham and regions around Spennymoor within a 30-mile radius. Our teams use 100% accurate and proven methods to remove the locking wheel nut. We use specialised, custom-made equipment for this service.

At times, many car owners damage their wheel nuts or the key to lock wheel nuts by accidentally over-tightening them. Since most of these locking wheel nuts are made of mild steel, they bend and become unusable. Once the key is damaged, you cannot remove the wheel nut unless you consult professional technicians.

Common issues with locking nut wheel removal

Here are some common problems with their car’s locking nuts that plague people.

  • If your nut removal key is damaged or lost, you can ask the vehicle’s manufacturer to provide you with a spare key. However, our technicians have noticed that many people end up misplacing the unique code which is given when they buy their vehicles. The manufacturer will not send a spare key if they do not receive the code.

If you end up misplacing the code, you will not receive an alternate key.

  • Car manufacturers charge a lot of money if you request a replacement key. Buying a new set of wheel nuts is more economical.

Our facility, North East Tyre Services, can help you with mobile locking nut key removal at your home or workplace.

  • Even if you do have the code and you order a replacement key, it takes more than a week or two for it to arrive. You cannot afford to wait that long if you are a frequent plier. You can instead opt for our locking wheel nut removal in Durham.
  • Owners often employ DIY methods to remove their car’s locking wheel nut with an air gun. Air guns or impact guns apply enormous amounts of force to remove the nut causing additional distress. Our experts suggest against this. Besides, when replacing bolts, proper torque is needed. For that, you need professional expertise!

How can North East Tyre Services help you?

We are the leading automobile service provider in County Durham. When you require locking wheel nut removal Durham, call us immediately. We have a dedicated team of technicians who can reach you within a very short time.

If you need a professional locking wheel nut removal service at your doorstep, book an appointment with us today.

Our pricing policies are transparent, and you will receive an up-front quotation for our services. If you have had bad experiences in the past with locking wheel nut removal in Spennymoor, try our services now.