EU Tyre Label

The European Union is extremely particular about its aim to reduce its carbon footprint by 20% within 2020. The EU Tyre Label is a definitive step in that direction.

It is mandatory for every vehicle within the European Union to fit tyres which have an EU tyre label. This stipulation came into effect since November of 2012 and needs to be adhered to strictly. North East Tyre Services in Spennymoor, County Durham is fully compliant to this rule and stocks tyres accordingly.

It is paramount that any tyre that you buy has an appropriate EU tyre label Durham. The label necessitates every tyre to denote its wet grip, noise emission and rolling resistance capabilities in measurable terms. It allows us to compare two tyres for the same attributes.

There are three aspects that the EU tyre label looks at.

  • Wet grip

The wet grip of a tyre is a critical aspect required for road safety. It is harder for tyres to generate traction on wet roads. Hence, you may lose control of your vehicle as it can skid over a damp surface.

The EU tyre label categorises every tyre based on its wet grip capabilities. It is measured on a scale of A to G. A-rated tyres are the best in terms of wet grip, while the G-rated ones are the worst. D is considered the median point.

At North East Tyre Services, we highly recommend using tyres which are rated above D. We have a vast inventory of A, B, and C EU rated tyres in Durham for the convenience of our clients.

  • Rolling resistance

Rolling resistance is another vital aspect of the EU tyre label as it directly correlates to a car’s fuel consumption, and hence, its carbon emission. It refers to the resistance of tyres against the tarmac. In other words, a tyre with higher rolling resistance will consume more fuel than one with lower rolling resistance.

In the EU tyre label, rolling resistance is measured on a scale of A to G, much like wet grip. An A-rated tyre saves about 1 litre of fuel for every 100 miles compared to a G-rated tyre.

  • Noise emission

Other than carbon, noise is another emission which pollutes the environment. The EU tyre label depicts the noise emission by a tyre in decibels. It is accompanied by a 3-wave symbol, where one wave is the quietest, and three waves is the loudest.

Buy the best EU rated tyres in Spennymoor, Durham

North East Tyre Services is one of the leading tyre retailers in Spennymoor and County Durham which stocks some of the best EU labelled tyres. We sell tyres online as well and display the appropriate label on the website.