Car Tyres

The minimum tread depth legally allowed in the UK is 1.6mm. At this tread level, your car’s stopping distance increases significantly. Moreover, cornering stability and handling are compromised as well. Experts in North East Tyre Services suggest replacing old car tyres with new ones after it reaches a tread depth 2mm. Once a car tyre’s tread reduces to 2mm, its performance drops sharply.

Consult experts when mounting car tyres

There are many varieties of car tyres depending on expected performance, driving needs, and road conditions. You must fit tyres of the right category, to obtain the best performance out of your car. There are many factors to consider while choosing new car tyres. So, seeking expert help is the best approach when buying car tyres in Spennymoor and Durham.

Here are the factors which experts technicians consider when selecting the right car tyre for your car –

  1. Vehicle type – Whether you drive an SUV or a regular passenger vehicle decides the types of tyre that must be fit.
  2. Daily commute – Stop and go city driving conditions and off-roading are drastically different and require special considerations.
  3. Car owners priority – Whether you expect better fuel efficiency or better handling or a smoother and comfortable ride.
  4. Tyre specifications – Tyre specifications are crucial to consider before fitting tyres on to the car wheels.

At North East Tyre Services in Spennymoor, we sell all categories of car tyres. Our car tyres Durham reaches our garage only after through quality checks. So, visit our garage for the best quality tyres.

Types of car tyres available in our garage

Winter tyres

Features of winter tyres are –

  1. Higher concentration of natural rubbers in the tyre tread enables these tyres to stay soft and pliable at temperatures below 7°C.
  2. Hydrophilic materials added to the rubber compound enables the generation of higher levels of traction even on snow and ice.
  3. Winter tyres have deep treads with a design that features grooves with more gaps. The overall design features a higher void ratio.
  4. Each tread block on these tyres sports additional sipes, which are tiny parabolic slits that increase the number of biting edges.

Summer tyres

Summer tyres are best for driving in temperatures above 7°C; they prevent deformation better.

Features that make these tyre ideal car tyres in Durham from March to September –

  1. Harder tread compound in this tyre enables them to resist heat and deformation when driving through hot tarmac.
  2. Deep central ridges through the tyres centre enable better evacuation of water. Thus, these tyres can resist hydroplaning better.
  3. Optimised tread depth that allows nimble steering response.
  4. Low rolling resistance which reduces tread wear and increases fuel economy.

All-season tyres

These tyres combine some features of summer and some of winter tyres to provide acceptable performance and grip all-year round. They are ideal to fit on your car if you live in the southern part of the UK where winters are not as harsh as in the north.

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