All Season Tyres

In the UK, where it remains balmy for only a few months while the rest of a year is frosty, you may have to use 2 sets of tyres: summer and winter. However, all-season tyres provide a balance between the two and can perform quite well even when temperatures fall below 7 °C.

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All-season wheels are widely sold in the UK cutting across states and districts. Also known as all-weather tyres, these models have a mixed consistency rubber compound in their composition. While summer wheels have a hard rubber construct and winter models a softer rubber, these tyres fall somewhere in the middle.

Why are all-season tyres so popular?

All-weather wheels have some significant advantages over other types. Here are some of them.

  1. Such models are very useful in colder European countries like the UK where people have to use 2 sets of tyres every year. Using only one set of wheels in a year is more economical and reduces your overall money spent.
  2. All-season wheels reduce hassles as people do not have to change tyres after every few months.
  3. These models are better overall performers in winters than summer tyres. That means, if you live in the southern areas of the UK, you may be able to use them even during winters for at least a few months. Besides, it is useful to remember that if you buy all season car tyres in Durham from our facility, you will find nothing short of the best models available from a wide range of brands. These will serve you well even when roads are covered in snow or mud.
  4. All-season wheels have greater aquaplaning abilities than ordinary summer tyres. But they are not as good in this department as winter tyres. That means that such models will be able to aid in attaining high speeds on wet roads without any fuss.
  5. Their intermediate rubber compound is remarkably unaffected by summers or winters. That is why all-season tyres’ rubber does not harden during the long winter months.
  6. Lastly, when you buy all season car tyres Durham or anywhere else in the UK, you have better performing models for summer conditions as well. These tyres have superior accelerating abilities than winter equivalents and are better choices in summer too.

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