4x4 Tyres

The popularity of SUVs is steadily rising in the UK. These vehicles have more power, space and stability than regular sedans or coupes. They are generally more comfortable to ride and drive as well. All these factors, combined with the budget options available in the market today, have made SUVs one of the most convenient modes of transport in the UK.

Like the vehicles themselves, SUV car tyres Durham are also entirely different from standard passenger tyres. At North East Tyre Services, we have an entire section dedicated to SUV tyres for our customers’ consideration.

How are SUV tyres different from passenger car tyres?

There are some apparent differences between SUV tyres and standard car tyres. Since SUVs are bigger, heavier and occasionally used for off-roading purposes, their tyres need to be likewise.

Let’s break down each component of SUV tyre and see how they are different from regular variants as per our experts!

  1. Construction: SUV tyres are generally larger in size and heftier in construction, necessary for handling the extra load of the vehicle.
  2. Rubber compound: SUV tyres are made from a harder compound of rubber compared to passenger car tyres. It is necessary to withstand the higher friction arising due to the increased weight of the vehicle.
  3. Tread pattern: The design intent behind an SUV tyre is not based just on driving on paved roads but occasional off-road use as well. As such, 4x4 tyres in Durham typically has a knobbier tread pattern. They also have squared-off tread blocks which increase the PSI force of the contact patch. It helps generate more traction in off-road conditions.
  4. Sidewall construction: The sidewalls of an SUV tyre are considerably taller than its passenger car counterparts. These sidewalls also flex a fair degree in off-road conditions. As such, the rubber compound used in their construction is much thicker to handle the excess pressure.

All these features make SUV tyres unique. Automobile experts stress highly on using only 4x4 tyres on SUVs. Anything else will compromise on both the ride quality and road safety.

Best 4x4 tyres in Spennymoor and County Durham

North East Tyre Services is the home to one of the most extensive collections of SUV tyres around. We stock these tyres from numerous renowned manufacturers like Michelin and Continental. Some of the best SUV tyres in our inventory are mentioned below.

  1. Bridgestone Ecopia 422 Plus
  2. Continental 4x4 Contact
  3. Dunlop Signature CS
  4. Michelin CrossClimate SUV

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